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Discover the powerful features of SimpleAccounts, your all-in-one accounting solution. From effortless invoicing and seamless expense tracking to efficient payroll management, we've got you covered.


The dashboard in SimpleAccounts provides an interactive and visual representation of crucial financial reports, including Supplier & Customer Paid Invoices and Banking details with the balance of all bank accounts. It also presents comprehensive Cashflow statistics and the Profit & Loss report, offering a comprehensive overview of the company's financial performance. By leveraging the dashboard, users can quickly grasp key financial insights, make informed decisions, and efficiently monitor their business's financial health.

The Income module in SimpleAccounts empowers you to efficiently manage your revenue streams.

  1. Customer Invoices: Create and send professional invoices to your clients, ensuring timely payments and improved cash flow.

  2. Income Receipts: Track income received and stay on top of your finances, allowing you to view and manage paid receipts for various customer invoices.

  3. Quotation: Create and manage quotes for your products or services, streamlining the sales process and enhancing communication with potential customers.

Simplify your income management and boost your business with SimpleAccounts' comprehensive Income module.

Customer Invoice in SimpleAccounts allows you to create and send professional invoices to your clients with ease. Customize invoice templates, add line items, and specify payment terms effortlessly. Stay organized by tracking the status of invoices and ensure timely payments for improved cash flow. Simplify your billing process and enhance customer communication with SimpleAccounts' intuitive and user-friendly Customer Invoice feature.

With Income Receipts in SimpleAccounts, managing and tracking payments from your customers becomes hassle-free. Easily record and categorize incoming payments, ensuring accurate and up-to-date financial records. Keep tabs on outstanding balances and stay on top of your cash flow. The Income Receipts feature provides a seamless and efficient way to handle incoming funds, improving your financial management and streamlining your revenue tracking process.

With the Quotation feature in SimpleAccounts, create and manage professional and detailed quotations for your clients. Tailor quotes with specific prices, terms, and conditions, providing a clear overview of your products or services. Effortlessly send quotations to clients and track their status within the system. The Quotation feature streamlines your sales process, enabling you to provide accurate and enticing proposals to potential customers, enhancing your business's professionalism and sales effectiveness.

Efficiently manage your business expenses with SimpleAccounts' Expense module.

  1. Expenses: Record and categorize all your expenditures, from day-to-day operational costs to supplier invoices.

  2. Supplier Invoices: Easily track and organize supplier invoices and monitor payment statuses for better financial control.

  3. Purchase Receipts: Keep a detailed record of received goods or services and streamline your reconciliation process.

Simplify your expense tracking and enhance your financial management with SimpleAccounts' comprehensive Expense module.

Keep your business finances in check with SimpleAccounts' Expenses feature. Easily track and categorize all your company's expenses, including day-to-day operational costs, supplier invoices, and more. Stay on top of your financial commitments and maintain a clear overview of your spending to make informed business decisions. With SimpleAccounts, managing expenses has never been easier and more organized.

Streamline your supplier interactions with SimpleAccounts' Supplier Invoices feature. Keep a detailed record of all your incoming supplier invoices, track their due dates, and manage payments efficiently. With this convenient tool, you can easily monitor outstanding balances and ensure timely payments, fostering stronger relationships with your suppliers. Simplify your invoicing process and gain better control over your accounts payable with SimpleAccounts' Supplier Invoices.

Easily manage and track your purchase receipts with SimpleAccounts' Purchase Receipts feature. Capture and store electronic or scanned copies of your purchase receipts for easy reference and bookkeeping. Keep your financial records organized and accessible, ensuring smooth accounting processes. Stay on top of your expenses and maintain accurate financial records with the help of SimpleAccounts' Purchase Receipts functionality.

The banking section of SimpleAccounts application provides a gateway to add bank transactions to the account, reconcile bank account and make transactions compatible.

  1. Bank Account: Connect your bank by adding your Bank Account and optimize your transactions for simplified operations.

The bank account section in enables users to add their bank accounts and manage transactions, such as deposits, withdrawals, and transfers, directly from their bank accounts. Moreover, the software provides the crucial functionality of reconciling transactions, where users can compare recorded transactions with their bank statements to ensure accuracy and detect any discrepancies.

The Accountant module in SimpleAccounts is a powerful auditing tool designed to streamline financial management, with a strong focus on ensuring accurate and transparent financial records.

  1. Opening Balance: Set your initial financial position. Ensure accuracy from the start and transition smoothly from previous accounting periods.

  2. Journal: Record and manage transactions with ease. From adjustments to transfers, maintain detailed, auditable financial records throughout the accounting period.

Take control of your financial starting point with the Opening Balance feature. When you begin using the SimpleAccounts accounting software, this feature empowers you to set the initial position of your accounts accurately. By doing so, you ensure that your financial records are correct right from the beginning, laying a strong foundation for your accounting processes. Seamlessly transition from previous periods or systems, maintaining consistency in your financial reporting and data migration.

Simplify your financial recording and management tasks with the Journals feature. This powerful tool enables you to effortlessly record various financial transactions, including adjustments and transfers between accounts. What sets Journals apart is its ability to provide a detailed audit trail. The system keeps a clear log of each transaction you make, making it easy for accountants and auditors to review and verify your financial records throughout the accounting period.

The Report section in SimpleAccounts encompasses a comprehensive array of financial reports to enhance your financial analysis and decision-making.

Financial Reports:

  • Profit & Loss: Summarizes the company's revenues, expenses, and profitability for a specific period, providing insight into its financial performance.

  • Balance Sheet: Presents a snapshot of the company's financial position, including its assets, liabilities, and equity, as of a particular date.

  • Horizontal Balance Sheet: Compares the company's Balance Sheet across multiple periods, highlighting changes and trends over time.

  • Trial Balances: Lists all accounts and their respective balances to ensure accuracy and identify any discrepancies in the accounting records.

  • Cash Flow: Tracks the company's cash inflows and outflows, showcasing its liquidity and ability to meet financial obligations.

VAT Reports:

  • VAT Reports: Provides an overview of the company's Value Added Tax (VAT) transactions, aiding in tax compliance and reporting.

  • FTA VAT Audit File: Presents VAT data in a specific format required for audits by the tax authorities.

  • FTA Excise Tax Audit File: Presents Excise Tax data in a specific format for regulatory audits.


  • Detailed General Ledger: Offers comprehensive records of all financial transactions, allowing for a granular view of the company's financial activities.


  • Sales By Customer: Breaks down sales revenue by individual customers, helping to identify top clients and sales patterns.

  • Sales By Product: Breaks down sales revenue by specific products, assisting in product performance analysis and inventory management.

Corporate Tax:

  • Corporate Tax: Handles reporting and compliance for corporate taxes, ensuring adherence to tax laws and regulations.


  • Expense Details: Provides a detailed breakdown of company expenses, offering a comprehensive view of spending patterns.

  • Expense By Category: Categorizes expenses, allowing businesses to monitor and manage costs effectively.


  • Receivable Invoice Summary: Summarizes outstanding invoices owed to the company by customers, providing an overview of accounts receivable.

  • Receivable Invoice Details: Offers a detailed view of individual invoices owed to the company, facilitating effective receivables management.


  • Purchase By Vendor: Breaks down purchases by vendor, helping businesses track spending with specific suppliers.

  • Purchase By Product: Breaks down purchases by specific products, aiding in inventory management and supplier evaluation.

Payments Received:

  • Tax Credit Note Details: Provides detailed information about tax credit notes received, impacting tax liabilities and refunds.


  • Invoice Details: Offers in-depth information about individual invoices issued by the company, including payment terms and due dates.


  • Payables Invoice Summary: Summarizes outstanding invoices the company owes to vendors, giving an overview of accounts payable.

  • Payable Invoice Details: Provides detailed information about individual invoices owed to vendors, helping with payables management.

AR Aging Report:

  • AR Aging Report: Shows the age of outstanding accounts receivable, identifying overdue payments and potential collection issues.


  • Payrolls Summary: Summarizes payroll expenditures, including employee salaries and benefits, helping businesses manage labor costs effectively.

The Master module in SimpleAccounts is the heart of the financial system, that keeps all the crucial foundational data organized for your accounting. It plays a pivotal role in organizing and managing essential elements of the accounting process. Without this module, your accounting wouldn't work smoothly, as it helps organize and manage all the essential information necessary for accurate and efficient financial operations.

  1. Chart of Accounts: Create a complete list of financial accounts to organize your bookkeeping and financial reports effectively.

  2. Contacts: Manage customer and supplier details for smooth communication and better business relationships.

  3. Product: Create and monitor your products or services with pricing and stock information.

  4. Product category: Group and organize products for efficient inventory management and reporting.

  5. VAT category: Categorize products based on VAT rates for accurate tax calculations.

  6. Currency Rate: Record exchange rates for seamless multi-currency transactions.

  7. Employee: Organize employee information and payroll details for effective workforce management.

The Chart of Accounts in SimpleAccounts is a list of predefined account names or categories used for recording financial transactions. It includes common accounts such as cost of goods sold, equity, accounts payable, and administrative expenses. This feature streamlines data entry and ensures accurate and organized financial records.

The Contact feature in SimpleAccounts allows you to store and manage essential information about your customers and suppliers in one convenient place

The Product section enables users to create and manage details about their products or services. Its purpose is to act as a product catalog, allowing businesses to keep track of offerings, their descriptions, prices, and stock levels. By maintaining an up-to-date Product section, you can get efficient inventory management, accurate sales tracking, and informed decision-making for restocking and pricing strategies.

With the Product Category feature, users can group and classify their products based on shared attributes or characteristics. You can create an organized structure for products, simplifying inventory management and analysis.

The VAT Category feature allows users to categorize products or services based on applicable VAT rates. It ensures accurate taxation by associating the correct VAT rates with each product or service.

With the Currency Rate feature in SimpleAccounts, users can record exchange rates for different currencies used in their business transactions. This functionality enables smooth handling of multi-currency transactions and conversions, ensuring accurate financial reporting and efficient management of international trade.

The Employee section provides a platform to manage and store vital information concerning a company's employees. This section centralizes employee details, payroll information, and HR-related data, streamlining workforce management and ensuring smooth adherence to labor laws.

Inventory management in SimpleAccounts offers effective control over your warehousing and stock organization. By keeping track of your inventory, you can avoid shortages and ensure adequate stock levels. The module also provides insights into top-selling and low-selling products through its dashboard, enabling you to make informed decisions and optimize stock levels. In total, you can streamline your inventory management process and enhance overall efficiency in your business operations.

The Payroll module in SimpleAccounts is a comprehensive tool that simplifies and automates the entire payroll process.

  1. Run Payroll: Efficiently process employee payments with a few clicks, generating payslips and distributing salaries effortlessly in SimpleAccounts.

  2. Payroll Config: Customize payroll settings with ease, defining salary components, tax rates, and deductions in SimpleAccounts.

SimpleAccounts Run Payroll feature allows you to process employee payments seamlessly. With a few clicks, initiate payroll runs for specific payment periods, effortlessly generating payslips for each employee and sending them in a click. After the payroll run, distribute salaries to employees instantly, ensuring timely and accurate payments. This intuitive feature eliminates manual calculations, reduces payroll errors, and enhances overall payroll efficiency.

With the Payroll Configuration feature, you have the flexibility to tailor your payroll system according to your company's specific needs. You can effortlessly customize various payroll settings, such as defining different salary components, tax rates and deductions. Additionally, you can input employee details, including names, designations, company details and other required information for accurate and personalized payroll calculations.

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