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Self-Hosted Service

Take control of your accounting with SimpleAccounts Self-Hosted. Host it on your terms, access unlimited features, and customize to fit your unique business needs.

Why Self-Hosted

SimpleAccounts Self-Hosted offers you the freedom and control to manage your accounting software. You can host it on your own premises or choose your preferred cloud platform, ensuring data security and control. Benefit from a user-friendly interface and access essential accounting features with a lifetime free software license. Tailor your experience with chargeable support plans, custom integrations, and industry-specific services. Our dedicated team provides personalized support to make accounting effortless. Explore our value-added services, including a mobile app, AI-based chatbot, image scanning, and fast payment integrations. Choose SimpleAccounts Self-Hosted for a personalized and flexible accounting solution!

How Free

SimpleAccounts is able to offer its software for free when you host it yourself because the company follows a value-based costing model. By allowing users to host the software on their own premises or cloud of choice, SimpleAccounts eliminates the cost of providing hosting services. The company sustains this model by focusing on providing value to its users. If the software adds value to your business and meets your needs, the company will charge for additional support plans and value-added services that enhance your experience.

Benefits for Users:

  1. 1.
    Cost Savings: Hosting SimpleAccounts on your own eliminates hosting fees, allowing you to enjoy the core accounting features for free.
  2. 2.
    Control and Security: Self-hosting provides you with full control over your data and ensures data security and sovereignty.
  3. 3.
    Flexibility and Customization: You can tailor the software to your specific business needs with customizations and integrations.
  4. 4.
    Access to Essential Features: Even with the free license, you get unlimited access to the essential accounting features.

Benefits for the Company:

  1. 1.
    Attracting a Large User Base: Offering a free software license attracts a larger user base, expanding brand awareness and market share.
  2. 2.
    Revenue from Value-Added Services: The company generates revenue from chargeable support plans, customizations, integrations, and additional value-added services.
  3. 3.
    Market Differentiation: SimpleAccounts stands out from competitors by providing a unique combination of free software with value-based chargeable services.

Competitor's Free Plans

Competitors in the market may offer free plans, but these plans often come with restrictions on usage or time limitations. In contrast, SimpleAccounts stands out as the only software that provides a true free software license with unlimited use. With SimpleAccounts, users can benefit from essential accounting features without any restrictions. Moreover, our excellent community support allows users to seek assistance and guidance at no additional cost, making the software virtually free for them. The only expense users may incur is the negligible hosting cost when they choose to self-host the software, offering significant cost savings compared to competitors' offerings. With SimpleAccounts, users can enjoy a truly free and flexible accounting solution without any hidden limitations or time constraints.

Per User Per Month Trap

Many competitors in the market offer per user per month licenses, which may seem affordable initially. However, this pricing model can quickly become a trap as your business expands and your usage grows. As you add more users, the costs can escalate exponentially, burdening your budget and hindering scalability.
SimpleAccounts provides a solution to break free from this trap. With our free software license, you can enjoy unlimited access to essential accounting features without per user fees. As your business grows, you won't be burdened by increasing costs based on the number of users. Instead, you have the flexibility to scale without worrying about additional charges. SimpleAccounts ensures that your focus remains on managing your business effectively, without getting caught in the per user per month pricing trap.